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       Craniosacral   Myofascial   Vagus nerve    Lymphatic 

"Dr. Christy was able to quickly recognize my 3 month old daughter's problem areas and helped her relax and open up. Her nursing posture changed almost immediately. She became less gassy and much more calm and happy. The dentist remarked how she looked like a different baby."

Liz M.

"When I began seeing Dr. Christy I was in a bad state. After 3 sessions, I felt transformed. I was more relaxed and centered and felt   finally I was coming out of the grips of long Covid. She also showed me things I could do between sessions to speed up my recovery."

Jen P.

"When my world was turned upside down the first week after giving birth, Dr. Christy came to my home to treat my baby pre and post tongue tie release. She also treated me for neck pain due to breastfeeding. The visits were so helpful and relaxing. I felt more comfortable caring for my baby with her expertise."

Emilia H.

"I have suffered with migraines for 30+ years and tried many things. The morning after our initial session, I had to pinch myself when I was pain free as I typically wake up daily with a migraine. I went onto have only 1 migraine in span of 2 weeks which was unheard of for me!" 

Tracy K.

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