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  • B.S. in Exercise Science - Ohio University

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy - Arizona School of Health Sciences

  • CranioSacral Therapy I & II:    Upledger Institute International

  • Myofascial Release I&II, Fascial Pelvis:  John F. Barnes MFR Approach 

  • Neurovascular Foundations, Essential Mouthwork: Neurovascular Institute

  • Neural Manipulation I: Barral Institute

  • Vagus Nerve-Balancing the Autonomic System: Institute of Physical Art

  • Postural Blueprint Method: Airway Intelligence Institute

  • Gillespie Approach: Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT), Foundations and Infant training

About Me

Hello! I am Dr. Christy Trombley.  I help others discover their pathway to healing is found not outside them but within. Throughout my 20 years in the health & wellness field, I've worked with preemie infants to elderly and I am still in awe and wonder of the human body and it's original design and desire to heal itself when given the right support and environment. Indeed, we are fearfully and wonderfully made! 

The nervous system plays a vital role in our body's ability to heal as we cannot heal in a stressful environment. When our nervous system becomes chronically stressed or overwhelmed, it can no longer adapt appropriately and it sends us a signal to "change" (aka pain). The area of pain is pointing to the deeper root of a stressed environment (nervous system).

True, lasting healing occurs in a restful, peaceful state when the body's environment is in a safe place: void of stress. Oftentimes, we throw various treatment techniques at the pain or the problem and it becomes "too much" for the system and it shuts down and can't integrate these techniques.

Instead, at Be Still Physical Therapy, we prioritize regulating the stressed nervous system first and then "treat" from this place of rest/stillness. In this place, the body is able to make the changes from the inside-out.  This type of change is more easily integrated and more likely permanent as we are addressing the source of the problem rather than chasing symptoms. In doing this, the patient's body also becomes more involved in their own healing process.


My Mission

I am passionate about shining light on hidden roots of pain and stress. I am committed to being a vessel to help guide others on a pathway from feeling helpless to experiencing wholeness. I desire to empower others to move out of a mindset of feeling helpless in their own body (or how to help their child) into loving and feeling empowered to partner with their body to create lasting change and transformation (body, mind, spirit). True healing doesn't happen outside or despite us, but the true power and healing ability happens when we partner with the original design within us. That's wholeness! Let's journey together from pain>peace, striving>stillness, surviving>thriving, DOing>BEing! 

Be Still and Know that I am God

-Prov 46:10



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