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Our Favorite Ways to Get Fit for Spring Break

Are you as excited as I am that the snow is melting and trees are blooming? Not to mention, Spring Break! Whether you’re a fan of hitting the gym to lift weights, creating your own yoga practice at home, or taking laps around the park in your neighborhood, it’s good for both your mind and body to mix up your workouts. Why not try something new for Spring Break?

Here at Be Still PT, we love ALL kinds of exercise, but have a few favorites of course. Whether you’re a yoga veteran or are looking to try out a new class, FLEX Yoga is the place to start. This studio in the extra-fun RiNo neighborhood is home to yoga and barre classes for all yogi levels. With their incredibly affordable pricing, it’s almost a crime not to try out one of their amazing classes.

Have you tried Orange Theory yet? This workout is getting a ton of buzz around the country, and luckily for us, there are several studios all over Denver to join your first class. Orange Theory introduces a heart-rate monitored, high-intensity workout that is scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that will spike metabolism and increase energy all day long.

If you’re looking for something in between yoga and a hard-hitting workout, we recommend taking a class (First Class Free!) at CorePower Yoga. These classes combine simple cardio and strength exercises with traditional yoga poses to get your heart-rate up and transform your strength, balance and overall physique.

If you are one of millions of Americans who stay away from classes because you’ve experienced muscle or joint pain, this Spring Break try some low-impact exercises like crab push-ups, side leg raises or arm circles to target your problem areas. These exercises may seem too simple to yield results, but if you get a good repetition circuit going, they will absolutely get you where you want to be. Bonus! They’re also great to do in hotel rooms on vacation.

Remember, no matter how you choose to get fit for Spring Break, Be Still PT is here ease your joint and muscle pain to keep you healthy and fit this spring and all year long.

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