Craniosacral Therapy: Massage for your nervous system

Who doesn't need a brain massage these days? With all the chaos, confusion and stress of life thrown at us 24/7, our nervous systems are often on overdrive or unbalanced. Our nervous system has 2 parts: sympathetic (fight/flight/freeze) and parasympathetic (rest/digest/reset). You can think of these two on opposite ends of a seesaw: they have opposite functions and provide counterbalance for one another. Our nervous system (seesaw) can and should swing one way or the other depending on the situation or environment. However, shortly after a stressful situation has ended the system should return to a balanced state. More often than not, our fight/flight/freeze mode becomes chronically out of balance and we get stuck in that state of defense. When our nervous system is in a state of defense, the body works to protect our vital organs by restricting both oxygen and blood flow to the muscles and tissues resulting in tension.

Tension/Tightness + Lack of Blood Flow = PAIN!

The parasympathetic (rest/digest/reset) mode is where healing takes place. This state of safety results in increased blood and oxygen flow to tissues, improved digestion and a general state of rest/ease.

Tissue extensibility + Increased Blood Flow + Proper digestion of nutrients = HEALING!

We enter this healing state most often when we are sleeping. Sleep is a significant time when the body can go to work to repair and restore things that are "out of order." Unfortunately, sleep is a challenge for many people and they often do not enter this parasympathetic state for very long, if at all, during sleep. In turn, healing is also prolonged or difficult to attain.

Cranisacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle yet powerful modality focused on activating or "waking up" the parasympathetic nervous system so that the body can regulate itself and promote healing. The body can't heal properly if it doesn't feel "safe" or is under significant stress. When our nervous system is out of balance, even massage, chiropractic or other healing modalities can be perceived as yet another stressor that the body will resist or defend against. This is one of many reasons that relief of pain or tension is only temporary.

You might ask: how exactly does CST work? Craniosacral Therapy uses gentle manipulation of bones of the skull/spine/pelvis and adjoining fascia to reduce blockages from the normal pulse of spinal fluid that flows along your brain and spinal cord. Much like a cardiologist assess your pulse or respiration rate, a craniosacral practitioner evaluates and optimizes the pulse of the craniosacral rhythm that this fluid creates in the central nervous system. The removal of these blockages to normal flow enhance the body's ability to heal via increased blood, lymph and nerve flow to injured areas of the body. It's a gentle, less invasive way of addressing tight, painful tissues as you are going in the "back door" of the nervous system to in turn relax the nearby muscles and tissues. CST also puts the nervous system "at ease" via that parasympathetic mode so that the body can relax it's defenses and more easily receive an integrate the treatment.

Craniosacral Therapy has been shown to be beneficial for many issues or conditions to include: migraines, chronic pain, TMJ, tongue-tie or oral restrictions, anxiety, concussions and even long-haul Covid symptoms. If you haven't tried this modality I highly recommend. We all could use more peace, rest and calm in our lives! If you are in Denver, Colorado click the button to schedule a session today!

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